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Pre Arrange Funerals in Burnie

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Prepaying Your Funeral

We all make plans…

Planning is an important part of life in our culture. We plan for holidays, weddings, we plan a family, we plan all sorts of major purchases. We consider what we need, we look at the products available, and we finalise our choice.

At Parkside Funerals, we believe that it’s never too early to pre-arrange your funeral. Sometimes this may take the form of just telling someone who is close to you what your wishes are. More often than not, though, it’s difficult to discuss our own funeral with a close relative or friend.

So we offer the option of spending some time with you, either in the privacy of your own home, or your are welcome to visit our beautiful, new funeral home, listening to your needs, presenting options, suggesting alternatives and helping you finalise your choice.

We have brochures available, which present a wide range of options for creating a meaningful, unique funeral.

Your wishes are then placed on file, and copies are given to you. You are welcome to change them or re-arrange them at any time, either by calling in or phoning to make some adjustments.

Of course, although we can give you an estimate of the cost of your funeral the price cannot be guaranteed for longer than a three month period of time, simply because there are many costs involved in a funeral which are outside our control.

What if I pre-pay?

The procedure is similar for pre-paying your funeral.
We ascertain your needs, and help you make the best choices. Choices that are appropriate for your beliefs, personality, tastes and financial position.

If you are in a palliative situation or are very elderly, we deal gently with you and your family, and we are careful to ensure our visit will not fatigue or exhaust you.

You will however, feel a great sense of relief that you have informed someone of your wishes and that your affairs are being settled. It’s a time when you are able to make your own choices and decisions, when many choices may have been taken away from you.

Your family will eventually be comforted to think that your funeral is exactly ‘what you would have wanted’.

This is also a good time to ensure your will is current and appropriate. We can recommend other professionals to help with preparation of wills, and estate planning.

Of course, pre-paying your funeral has financial benefits for you.

The money you pay is non-taxable

You may well be eligible for a higher rate of pension, by pre-paying your funeral.

You purchase tomorrow’s funeral at today’s cost, avoiding all future price rises.

Where does the money go?

The money is placed in a funeral bond, and the interest that accrues on the money, pays the gap in increased costs. After the funeral has taken place we claim the money by presenting a certified copy of the death certificate to the relevant organisation where the money is held, and it is usually paid within a few days. It takes such a load off your family, and the executors of your estate, to know that this is all taken care of, and your wishes are carried out.

Should death occur interstate, we are happy to arrange transfer of your remains to Tasmania, or alternatively, the funds and arrangements could be transferred to a funeral director in that state, who would handle the funeral arrangements. Should that situation arise, we would accept instructions from your executor or next of kin.
Why don’t you call today and arrange for a visit from a warm, friendly funeral consultant who will offer you the best care, the best service, the best funeral facility, at a time when you really need it?

There’s no time like the present.

Choosing A Funeral Director

Why Choose Us?

Death is not something most people give a lot of thought to, until it happens to someone who is close to them. Many people do not give any thought to whom they would call if an untimely death occurred to someone they love.
As a result, when death happens, many people are unprepared for the important decisions and arrangements that need to be made.

At Parkside Funerals we believe that the funeral director that you choose, will have an enormous impact on your long term emotional health, and will affect the way in which you grieve. (Just ask someone who has experienced a bad funeral director!)

We recommend that you investigate the options available before you make your choice, well before you have need of one. We make better decisions when we are not emotionally involved.

Think back to the last funeral you attended or maybe even attend a funeral where you are not involved as a mourner. Watch the staff, how do they relate to the public? How do they care for the bereaved family? Are they relaxed? Do they seem to be in control? How do they look? Are their vehicles modern and scrupulously clean? Were the hymnsheets beautifully presented? If possible, talk to the family after the funeral – were they happy with the service they received, for the fee that was charged?

Not only do we provide the best service around but we have many cost saving ideas, and ‘extras’ built into our service fee…

Parkside does all of this and much more…

But where do I start?

A funeral director should be selected in much the same way you would choose your family doctor.
Look for someone who is understanding, courteous, prompt, efficient and qualified. Your funeral director needs to be of a good reputation (both with the bereaved families they serve as well as in the business community). They need to be available to you at any hour of the day, and give excellent service for the fee charged.

Your funeral director needs to have an in-depth knowledge of differing denominational and religious beliefs pertaining to the death process and the funeral rite.

It is important that your funeral director knows the legal responsibilities of the coronial process, and be able to liaise with the Office of the Coroner, should the Coroner be involved in investigating a death.

Look for a funeral director who excels at making people feel comfortable and relaxed at a time when there are many additional stresses and pressures. Gentle, compassionate care along with efficiency and an emphasis on service ought to be hallmarks of the service provided.

Your funeral director needs to be able to support you throughout the viewing and subsequent funeral process, and to provide follow-up care for however long you need it after the funeral is over.
Your funeral director needs to achieve excellence in every aspect of funeral service, – after all service is the key element to funeral work.

What about cost?

The cost of a funeral depends on what options a family chooses. Generally speaking, a cremation service costs less than a burial service. The type of coffin or casket selected plays a major role in the final cost of a funeral. The length of newspaper notices, the size of the floral tribute, the provision of catering for refreshments, and whether the funeral is held on a Saturday or public holiday also affects the total amount payable. But two fees that are set by the funeral director that need to be examined closely are the coffin prices, and the service fee charged by the funeral director.
This fee covers such services as:-

  • the provision of trained, qualified and experienced staff
  • availability 24 hrs a day
  • the transfer of the deceased person
  • liaising with cemeteries or crematoria, Coroner, clergy, RSL, clubs, florists, organists, etc.
  • provision of buildings and facilities
  • use of funeral chapel
  • the use of vehicles
  • preparation of the deceased person for viewing
  • registering the death and completing necessary paperwork
  • placing of newspaper advertising
  • faxing airlines to assist with compassionate airfares
  • arranging referee doctors (where cremation is used)
  • printing of hymn-sheets or service-sheets
  • provision of a ‘Remembrance Book’
  • providing refreshments
  • financing the funeral until costs are paid by the family, or the estate.
  • post-funeral bereavement care
  • ordering and placement of plaques

If you’re still unsure…

Why not call Parkside Funerals and arrange a visit to the premises, where you can see the facilities and meet our staff, yourself? You can come on an individual basis, or as a group.

Your queries are welcome, and we will do our best to answer them, or find the information for you.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful decor, our beautiful funeral home and spacious, elegant chapel facility for more than 200 people and the warmth and care shown to you by our staff.

We know you will be more than satisfied with our welcome.

Come and see for yourself.

You don’t need to sit with a funeral director to record all the information you need to pre-arrange your own funeral! Take a moment or two to fill out the following information. You can print it off to keep with your own personal papers, or you can email it to us. We then enter your information on our database, and keep it until it is needed. If you request it, we can quickly provide you with a cost estimate for your choice of funeral.

Kind Words

…it was the first time we have lost someone so special, and it was the kind words, thoughts, hugs…that made the experience a little easier. I know that you people do what you do, day in, day out, it is your job, but we would just like to say what a wonderful job you do, and what angels you are. Nan would have really liked you all…

A Little Easier

…many thanks for all your help in making the hardest time in our lives a little easier, and giving him a great send off…

Like a Friend

…we had never met before, but you were like a friend to us…

Loving Nature

Thank you so much for your caring support and understanding at the time of our loss…your services have helped us so much. Your loving nature has helped us a great deal. We will gladly recommend your services to anyone in need…

Our Heartfelt Thanks

…we commend you on the professional, yet caring way in which the service was conducted… our heartfelt thanks…

Changed My Outlook

…it was really nice to be able to face my fears with people I trust, and care about. It was also nice to be able to ask questions. It’s really changed my outlook on funerals and death…

Wonderful Comfort

…our heartfelt thanks to you all for your wonderful comfort and support at our sad time…

Professional and Caring

We thank you for the professional and caring way the formalities for mum’s funeral were undertaken. Your personal approach was very much appreciated, as were the flowers…

Caring Attitude

…losing a loved one is never easy, but your caring attitude made the tough times a little easier…

Bottom of our Hearts

…from the bottom of our hearts we thank you…

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