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Elspeth Liberty


When meeting with family and friends to create a funeral my first concern is to get a sense of the person. It is important to me that a funeral reflects who the person was and is conducted in a manner that is true to them. This may be solemn, plain and simple, elaborate or a joyous celebration of life. my goal is that at the end of the service people feel they have farewelled the person they knew.

I offer both civil and spiritual ceremonies. many people are clear they do not want a religious service. However, others want an opportunity to express their spirituality and beliefs that are important to them. I will work with individuals and families to design the the funerals that most meet their needs and reflects their relationship with the deceased. The funeral will help them on their journey through grief, help them hold on to their precious memories and to stare to imagine how life can continue.

I trained as a celebrant through the Graduate Diploma of Civil Ceremonies at Monash University. I find my work deeply satisfying and I consider it both an honour and a privilege to accompany people at this period of there life.

Nada MacLeod


I Have been a funeral celebrant for over 10 years helping families with the grieving process along the coast.
I trained as a grief counselor at Monash University as an external student many years ago, and was the director of life line north west Tasmania for 10 years. After that i was appointed to establish the Victims of Crime Service, again working along the coast both services enabled me to work closely with both families and the funeral industry, providing a great insight to the whole service.

Rod Lambert


I have conducted funerals in a variety of capacities since 1976. For many years I was a minister of religion initially with the Uniting Church, then the Assemblies of God and finally the Baptist Union. More recently, for the last 7 years I have offered non-religious services primarily – but can accommodate religious elements when it is the family’s wish.

My philosophy for funerals is that the family’s wishes are paramount. I have never conducted a service without meeting the grieving family beforehand. I believe that a well-balanced service would include the opportunity to support those grieving, a celebration of and thanksgiving for the life of the departed, a reflection on what is important in life and the saying of the final goodbyes.

I am quite flexible in my availability. I have other work commitments but in most cases I can work around them. My main work is training in mental health issues. As part of this I have put together a workshop on Loss and Grief and would be happy to offer this or any other of my training as an adjunct to your bereavement services. I am also a crisis intervention worker with the StandBy Response Service which offers support to those impacted by suicide. I also offer workplace support and counselling.

Sue Beckham


One of the most well-known and frequently requested funeral celebrants on the North West coast, Sue Beckham brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding into her role as a funeral celebrant. I am also a pastoral care worker in a local nursing home, and I try to ensure compassion and care is always uppermost in my dealings with each bereaved family, and present in every service.

I have a Diploma of Social Work, and enjoy continually upgrading my knowledge, skills and understanding of life, through participating in workshops and seminars. I have many books and resources that I use to provide the right reading, poem or reflection.

Rennie Neasey-O’Connell


I’ve been leading funeral services for the past fifteen years. During that time I’ve built up a large resource base – in order that the life of the person who has died is commemorated uniquely and accurately. I have a dedication to all aspects of funeral work. Because I arrange most of the funerals that are entrusted to Parkside then should a family request my services as a celebrant, I am almost always available. It is frequently just another aspect of the work I am already doing.

I never lose sight of the fact that every funeral service entrusted into our care, is an honour. I particularly enjoy using creativity in a funeral service, and will use symbols like candle-lighting ceremonies, placing of flowers, and the releasing of doves, as well as audio-visual displays to add to the uniqueness.

At Parkside we know that music is an important way of celebrating a life, and we have a music database of more than 12,000 tracks, and so even some of the most obscure requests can be supplied.

In addition, along with other Parkside staff, where possible I provide after-funeral bereavement care, for as long as a family need it.

Sue Popowski


It is difficult to think about the sadness of losing a family member or a much loved friend but inevitably, sooner or later, we all do.

As a retired person and Civil Celebrant I am to provide the best possible service to the family and friends of the deceased.

Although I live in the Circular Head Municipality and primarily look after the people in my community I am happy to travel as needed.

Preparation is talking to the family and, with their guidance, writing and conduction a respectful, personal funeral or memorial ceremony; remembering, acknowledging and celebrating their life and achievements to become a fitting a tribute to the one who has passed away.

An appropriate and personal service can provide comfort and consolation that can be an important step in the grieving process

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