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Personal Details

Name: DOB:
Residential Address: Birthplace:
Postal Address: Phone:
Email: Aboriginal Descent: YesNo
Main Occupation: Year of Migration:

Marital Status

Marital Status: No. of Marriages: 1234

Spouse Number: 1 2 3 4
Name of Spouse:
Place of Marriage:
Age at each Marriage:
Spouse's Date of Death:

Family Information

Fathers Name: Mothers Name & Maiden Surname:
Number of Children: Are all Alive: YesNo
Were any Still Born: YesNo Were any Adopted: YesNo
Child 1's Name: Child 1's DOB:
Child 2's Name: Child 2's DOB:
Child 3's Name: Child 3's DOB:
Child 4's Name: Child 4's DOB:
Child 5's Name: Child 5's DOB:
Child 6's Name: Child 6's DOB:

Other Contact Details

In the event of my death the person to contect would be...

Family Contact 1: Phone:
Postal Address: Mobile:
Family Contact 2: Phone:
Postal Address: Mobile:
Family Doctor: Solicitor:
My will is located at: Is Will Current: YesNo
Insurance Policies:

Funeral Details

Service to be held at: Clergy/Celebrant:
Burial / Cremation: My cremated Remains should be:
I would like to be buried at: Re-Open of Grave:
Song Number: 1 2 3 4
Music (please include 4 songs):
Jewellery: Stay OnRemove Clubs/RSL/Lodge:
Donations in Lieu of Flowers: Flower Preferance:
Advertising: AdvocateExaminerMercury
Extras: DovesPiperOrganistSlide Show


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